Wish you could get to your own intranet as easily as you got here?

You're a busy person, always on the move. Today you're working from home; tomorrow, interstate; next week, overseas.

  • You need access to email and your corporate intranet for information and services, on demand.
  • You need access from home, client sites, hotels, Internet cafés, airline lounges, your WAP-enabled mobile phone.
  • You need secure, private access from anywhere, anytime.
  • You don't need problems

You need awayWEB!

The awayWEB system is a powerful combination of software and security techniques that offers you secure, convenient access to your corporate resources from any browser, anytime.


No software to install

With awayWEB, there is no software and no configuration required for users.

Work from anywhere

Use any* browser, anywhere. awayWEB works with any standard browser on any operating system or computer type, WAP phone or PDA. No need to even carry a laptop!

Really secure access

awayWEB uses the best available security techniques to let you sleep at night. Check the security features for full details.

Simple to use

awayWEB has one simple login screen. After that, you see what you would see if you were back in the office - your own intranet pages, services and applications.

Great for extranets

It's simple to provide controlled awayWEB access to your business partners, customers or suppliers. Cut support headaches and get great security at the same time.

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Current Product News...

awayWEB release 4.8.1 is now available to support customers.

  • New! Javascript transformation engine automatically deals with even the most complex intranet applications.
  • Updated to the latest openssl and apache versions for speed and security.
  • Enhanced security rules management interface.

See the download page.

* Any browser supporting SSL encryption and cookies

If this is the view from your desk,


if this is your daily commute,


or this is your docking station...


and you wish it was all much easier...

then why not travel light...


with awayWEB!